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In addition to all of this earning potential, if you join the rewards program after 10 nights you'll earn a free night that you can redeem at any hotel on with no blackout dates.

When it comes time to redeem your rewards, the Capital One Rewards Credit Card doesn't limit you to a single airline or hotel chain.

Fusion101 Christian dating is a totally FREE service owned and run by Christians for single Christians of all ages, backgrounds, countries and nationalities.

101 is designed to help you make connections with single Christians with no free trial or credit card needed.

We have been married now for a year and expecting our first child in March!

Thanks for a wonderful service and for giving so many Christians the opportunity to meet each other for free!

This makes the card a good match for both intrepid travelers and those who may not leave town that frequently.Before you join, see our faith statement and site guidelines below. "Hi, here is my testimonial that I promised ages ago...My username was Kara29 and I met the man God chose for me (htdang1) on your website.Additionally there are no blackout dates or restrictions to worry about.There is a annual fee, but it it is waived the first year.

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