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Use an update query to delete individual field values from a table, An update query let you delete values by updating the existing values to either a null value (that is, no data) or a zero-length string (a pair of double quotation marks with no space between them).Top of Page To revert to a backup, close and rename the original file so that the backup copy can use the name of the original version.

You use zero-length strings when you need to add a value to a required field, but you don't yet know what the actual value is.A query can help you make sure that you are deleting the correct data, and can be saved and then easily repeated.Note: If you want to remove a small number of records — any quantity that you feel comfortable deleting by hand — you can open the table in Datasheet view, select the fields or rows that you want to delete, and press DELETE.This allows your query to delete data from the tables on the "one" and "many" sides of the relationship.Preparing to deleted related data requires verification of the following: The Relationships tab appears and displays all of the tables in your database and also the relationships between each table and every other table.

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