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There's a sequel called Kashka, which is even harder to find. "Tailypo" (T12) is a story called The Peculiar Such Thing, in a collection of stories called The People Could Fly, by Virginia Hamilton.It's a marvelous collection of African-American folk tales that is sold with a tape of the stories read by Hamilton and by James Earl Jones. " It had some strange illustrations that fascinated my siblings and me because they were grotesque and scary. I am looking for a book I read as a child (1960-1965).The book is squarish with a green cover, showing Marcus (from the shoulders up) wearing a little red hat with a green plaid hatband, a yellow turtleneck shirt, and green plaid suspenders. Since it's late, he goes to sleep, but is awakened when he hears chanting? They figure out that there are other children who are in the same plight, and they go back to the cottage and dance, turning the clock forward.The first lines of this book/story were: "Melinda lived in a little white house with a little brown dog and a little grey mouse." The story went on to talk about a buglar and a crocodile and possibly an island, but I have never been able to remember enough to find the book again. Several weird children are dancing in a circle and the clock hands are going backward. As they're dancing, the weird children burst in, screaming at them to stop, but the boy and his classmates are getting younger as the weird children (fairies? This is an illustrated book, there's a picture of a red double-decker bus in it, so I think it's British.I remember that she doesn't like to drive and is afraid of crossing a bridge.

Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

The girl ties a red scarf on the car antenna to allow the car to be spotted by rescuers.1967. There is an alternate title, Take Me to my Friend which is in reference to the sign the hitchhiker had.

Julie is the name of the girl and she has to drive her grandmother from Florida to someplace up north.

"A dog digs a hole in the sand, all the way to Japan, where he meets a little girl held captive by a dragon and helps her to find the most loyal person in Japan."early 70s.

A girl and her grandmother are on a car trip and they pick up two teens (they think are boys but one turns out to be a girl).

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Then I found the book and it was called What's The Matter With Carruthers. The final solution was to put his tail in the pretzel baker. There is a newly illustrated copy out, but the copy you probably remember was published in 1959 with illustrations by Linell (Ogden Nash's daughter) ~from a librarian This was a book but it read like a very long poem/prose. At age 6, I could recite the entire prose but now can only remember the first line. I have been looking for this for over twenty years. Ok, everyone insists I've made this up: A young boy lives in a village and goes to school.

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  1. (AARP has joined this revolution, partnering with the online dating service How About We to launch AARP Dating in December 2012.) But the online-dating boom has also fueled an invisible epidemic.

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