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''Here comes this chubby guy with hair down to his shoulders,'' remembers the associate producer that day, Michael Weisman, now executive producer of NBC Sports. When the show folded, Gumbel joined the first wave of ubiquitous sports anchors. Once, he was supposed to do an opener from the floor at an NCAA title game.

What the producers didn't know was that the empty seats behind Gumbel at rehearsal would be filled that night by a very loud band.

Today's selection is "The Mourning Anchor," by Rick Reilly, which originally ran in the Sept. And so it is that Bryant Gumbel, a man who is nothing if not prepared, keeps a list of his pallbearers. You have a whiz in the kitchen, a connoisseur of champagne, a global citizen, a 12-handicap golfer, a father of two (daughter Jillian, 5, and son Bradley, 9) and a multimillionaire by virtue of a contract with NBC that pays him some million over the next three years, enough to keep him up to his thorax in cuff links.

Maybe this is a way to be sure I have six.'' There have been days when he has wondered. ''If I'm in a room with 100 people, will I be able to find one person I'd like to have dinner with? ''Sometimes he doesn't feel compelled to entertain. It's just that I don't like many people.'' Read each story and Q&A from the SI 60 series The problem with people is that they just aren't as good as a certain Chicago probate judge who has been dead for more than 16 years -- Gumbel's father, Richard. When he returned from the war, he put himself through Xavier University in New Orleans while working full-time to keep his family eating. Then he put himself through Georgetown law school while working two jobs. So Bryant finds it hard to be impressed; he finds himself getting let down a lot. When the situation gets tense, Gumbel is a lock as the silkiest talent strapping on an earpiece.

When the show went on, there was a trombone threatening ! He not only couldn't hear what his producers were saying from the truck, but he also couldn't hear what he was saying.

Unruffled, he spun through his segment as though he were chatting over a backyard fence, finishing at the correct second, cueless. were dicey -- the show was still running a distant second in the ratings in the summer of 1983 -- but by '85 it had tied Good Morning America in the Neilsens, and last winter it held a comfortable lead.

Or they would go to the sandlot and work on grounders for three.

On summer days Bryant rarely missed a Cub game at Wrigley Field and also saw plenty of the White Sox at night at Comiskey Park. In his day, he not only caught more than 100 batting practice balls and fouls, he wore them all out, too.

In honor of Sports Illustrated's 60th anniversary, is republishing 60 of the magazine's best stories. Like muffled drums, our hearts beat a funeral march to the grave. The medic finally pulled him aside, sat him on a rock and took out his tonsils, then and there. You have the world's best Trivial Pursuit partner, a Jeopardy! You also have the Beau Brummell of this age, an impeccable dresser, a man with more than 100 suits (18 of them made specially for the Olympics by award-winning designer Joseph Abboud), some with the tags still uncut, a man who wouldn't think of leaving the house without color-coordinated tie, cuff-links, underwear and socks.

Because racial attitudes then favored lighter skin, and his skin was the darkest of any in his family, including his cousins, Bryant felt ugly.

Lacking social confidence, he stayed away from the dances and the back row at the Bijou, and held close to his hero.

She has an air-conditioner in the bedroom, but it's not enough to cool the whole apartment. So five mornings a week, she takes the bus to her job as a city clerk. 1 in., four inches taller than his younger son, Bryant. As a leader, he was the first black to hold office in a national Catholic student organization. While rearing his four children in the racially mixed neighborhood of Hyde Park, near the University of Chicago, he not only wouldn't let them get away with bad grammar, but he also wouldn't let their friends get away with it.

She would go somewhere cooler if she had the energy or a car, but she has neither. Plenty are the days when she wishes she could afford to retire. Richard, the child of a New Orleans gambler, was ''one of the most amazing men I've ever met,'' says Dr. ''He was very hard to impress,'' says Bryant's brother, Greg, 42, a sportscaster with the Madison Square Garden Network and, starting with football season, with CBS.

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