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(MORE: Physical Proximity May Help Keep Men in Relationships Faithful) In terms of online venues, marriages begun in chat rooms or online communities were less satisfying than those initiated via online-dating sites, although dating sites themselves varied in terms of the marital satisfaction reported.“In chat rooms and off-line, you meet only the people who are around and not large numbers of people,” Cacioppo says as a possible explanation for this finding.“When you don’t [see each other], you can be more comfortable being yourself.” Being more open, the same studies found, led people to like each other more — something that could obviously influence romantic connections.When it comes to playing Cupid, it’s still not clear whether online dating ultimately makes better matches.Since greater income is linked with happier marriages and less divorce, controlling for income reduced the differences seen between those who met online and off. ) The study also found increased marital satisfaction among people meeting online, compared with off-line venues like at college or in bars.Eli Finkel, a professor of social psychology at Northwestern University who has published research critical of the online-dating industry, said in e-mail to several journalists that the research is “impressive” with a “large sample” and “fascinating findings.” However, Finkel thinks that the conclusion that online marriages are better is premature. “It suggests that one can meet a serious romantic partner online. But any conclusions that online meeting is better than off-line meeting overstep the evidence.” Finkel explains that the differences between the two venues overall are not large enough to support this claim.I pondered this for a second and decided to do some research. Since it is just about impossible to hold all else equal (the actual people, where they live, age, religion, personality, marriage history, etc.), it is difficult to conclude, One article detailing the results of a 2013 study by researchers at University of Chicago’s Department of Psychology and Harvard University’s Department of Epidemiology found that online dating leads to higher marriage satisfaction and thereby a lower divorce rate.The researchers addressed the question of marital satisfaction in a nationally representative sample of 19,131 respondents who got married between 20.

Oddly, however, meeting at work was just as bad as finding a spouse at a bar or nightclub.

"What I'd encourage is once you find a partner, delete your profile and give it some time," she said.

"Nothing can replace the old-tested principles of time and intimacy and letting things develop." Preach!

“If you do online dating, all of sudden, there’s a world of possibilities.” Another potential explanation for differences between online and off-line marital success has to do with personality.

“If you have good impulse control, you may be more likely to meet your spouse [deliberately] online rather than impulsively at a bar,” he says.

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