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Please don't say "I told you he was a bad egg" or anything similar.It doesn't help, it will just make her feel more stupid and upset than she does already.Ralph, did Erica pretend to be a female when you corresponded with him? The first time she told me about him, I told her that Erica was a girl's name.He was claiming to be a man, and she said sounded like a man over the phone. We realize now that the reason their phone conversations were so brief is because he was calling from Nigeria, NOT Philly! Firstly make sure she hasn't given out bank or credit card details. Secondly, she needs to be educated about the possobility of follow up scams.I found some details of a scammer some time ago who uses scripts that are very good, so good in fact that I will not post the email in it's entirety, I will however provide some key phrases and information to allow any potential victims to search on as well as provide an insight as to how hard it can be to spot a scam simply by the emails The scammer will contact you from one of many dating sites, no doubt using a variety of different names, one such user ID is Erica Cambell Hi, this will let you know a lot more about me.Then after you respond, I will ask you a hundred questions.

I will send you some pics, if you want more, later o...k.

Erica I found this website because I googled the name "Erica Campbell" because my mother-in-law has recently fell victim to his scam.

After over a month of many many emails, and several phone conversations (which were brief) he announced that he was leaving for Africa for a business trip.

After hearing those stories, you will understand that I owe Him much more than I can ever repay. I hope you are still with me and haven’t just deleted this message.

However, I don’t stand on the corner with a sign around my neck that reads REPENT. I have had only a few serious relationships in my life: I never have been big on dating around or the dreaded bar scene. I have blood in my veins and I have a “very active sex drive.” Hey its fun, and I like it.

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It doesn't matter that everyone warned her, lots of people have to touch the stove to realise it's hot.

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