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As a result, a higher criminal court known as the Crown Court of the Supreme Court of Judicature replaced the assizes and quarter sessions in 1972.Crown courts hear serious indictable offences such as robbery, rape and murder.Obtain further Legalisation for the Middle East, UAE Legalisation Service, Qatar Legalisation Service or Kuwait Legalisation Service or Egypt Legalisation Service.The minimum information we will require for a birth record in Croydon is: We can carry out searches of birth records in the Croydon area for details of births usually for copy birth certificates.Order a copy replacement birth certificate, suitable for both legal and family history uses.If you have lost your UK birth certificate, or need one for family history purposes, this replacement copy will help you.Chaired by Lord Beeching, the three year investigation identified many problems with the existing criminal justice system.

Liverpool and Manchester Crown courts are anomalies.For overseas clients, that need to validate the authenticity of the certificate as having been produced in the UK, we also offer an apostille/legalisation service, whereby an apostille is attached to the reverse of the certificate.We always recommend checking with whoever you are presenting the certificate to, to identify if the apostille stamp is needed.All copy birth certificates we supply are fully certified copies which are suitable for all official purposes.Some reasons for obtaining a certificate include an application for copy marriage certificate, applying for an academic course, applying for a passport or a driver's licence.

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The assizes work for the west Derby area was assigned to Liverpool and the assizes work of Salford was assigned to Manchester.

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