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But the Pyramid also holds unexpected demons who will come to the rescue ... lizabeth and Amira cross the desert to return to the pyramid where William is in grave danger. She finds a cruiser, "M/S Private Lady," and is sneaking on board when she's discovered. His wife comforts him and asks him what kind of a "last wish for a dying man" she can grant him. What he enjoys the most is watching other people fuck, so, he sends his driver to get a prostitue and four friends, and tells them he wants to watch them fuck the ...

Don't miss the third and final part of "Pyramid," as always featuring the most beautiful actresses. When Tatiana, a beautiful language student from Moscow, arrives in Hawaii, she has no idea of the astounding adventure and erotic mayhem her presence will unleash.

Two photographers go to the Amazon to take pictures of native girls. The school is located in the most luxurious area of Portugal and it has the best education when it comes to training in advanced sex.

Everywhere, the girls are sucking, licking and screwing like mad! Until one day her mother sends her off to the same school that she herself went to.

Searching for answers to his past, John tours the magnificent estate.

His room unravels the Castle's haunted past and the wicked secrets of a dominatrix romp in the Hall of Mirrors.

John Douglas, alias "The Lynx", Has just been released after ten long years of imprisonment.He is bent on seeking his revenge on the man responsible for his bad luck, the Public Prosecuter David Bleinstein, who now leads a quiet life with his daughter Sarah and his new wife Rachel.Yet again Private gives you the oppurtunity to discover a cast of the most beautiful actresses in the most depraved situations?After being mugged on her way home late one night, she wakes up with complete amnesia.Her search for clues as to who and what she is, leads to a sexual awakening, and some scorching sexual encounters in the most unusual venues!

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  1. In my mind, Lee Hong Ki was always this cheery goofy big kid like his Jeremy persona, which is why I had to scrape my jaw off the floor when he showed up in Bot C and made me sit up and go “hubba hubba.” This drama is like someone took(Substitute Princess) and made a K-version of it with a few tweaks and throwing in a ghost on top. Lee Hong Ki gets to act opposite two versions of leading lady Yang Jin Sung who plays both the bitchy rich girl fiancee to Lee Hong Ki’s character as well as the plucky poor girl substitute fiancee who ends up winning his heart.