Manually updating sophos antivirus

On systems running Windows 7 the display options for the system tray icons are different and as a result you may rarely if ever see the shield.

To view the shield on Windows 7 see the answer to the question Why can't I see the Sophos shield in the Windows system tray (near the clock)? Blue and white shield This icon is used by Sophos for OS X version 8 and means that on-access scanning is disabled so that Sophos will not automatically be checking for viruses when you open files on your computer. This indicates a problem which needs to be investigated and fixed. The most common reason is that Sophos needs you to restart the computer, but it may also indicate a different problem such as on-access scanning disabled. This can happen for a number of reasons, but usually it is because the Sophos client cannot connect to the Sophos servers to update itself. The most common reason is if Sophos tries to update itself before your computer has connected to the internet.Additional Sophos software is available to registered IT Support Staff - see the Information for IT Support Staff page.Sophos for Windows version 10.0 runs on Windows 7, XP (SP1a and above), Vista and 2000 (SP3 and above).If the shield disappears permanently then unless you are running Windows 7 try restarting your computer; if that fails try reinstalling Sophos.On Windows 7 however there may be a different reason and you should try the following first before restarting your computer or reinstalling Sophos.

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