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I found myself lingering, watching: there was something undeniably sexy about this Moores ad come to life.

Why was a shirt and tie (and a well-fitted suit, mind you) suddenly such a turn-on? I checked myself as I sat on my bike with my clipped-up pant cuffs, a young lady of twentysomething, gallivanting around town in a sailor-boy black and white striped shirt (with boat neck). Luckily, no; it was just that the put-together look suggested something. Everyone knows that Montreal is a different kind of place.

If she has a problem with you going out to a new bar on Plateau with the boys or likes to pick random fights for ridiculous reasons, you might be dealing with a case of "drama queen syndrome." Good news is, a carefully crafted intervention can actually help her become a balanced human being...

This is a wonderful way to live, --here comes the disclaimer--you make things happen. The women I know are disproportionately successful for their age (all in their mid-twenties).Addiction to social media might seem harmless at first glance. You might be dealing with a Montreal crazy cat lady.After all, we live in an era of technology where everyone is interconnected through Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. They're absolutely harmless, yet often don't qualify for a stable girlfriend position. Just take your time before making any serious commitments.In other words, you might want to avoid this complex personality type. Did you make plans to go check out that new restaurant in the Old Port and then she cancelled last minute? This kind of behaviour can get extremely annoying and frustrating.Are you willing to deal with last minute cancellations on a regular basis?

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