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Today it’s generally produced in small quantities by artisanal producers, who focus on putting out a higher quality spice with a strong color, subtle aroma and connected stigmas.Spanish saffron mostly comes from Castilla y León, but other areas like Aragon and Catalonia are starting to revive their historic tradition of saffron cultivation.

The whole process takes two days, one night for soaking the pulses, then preparing them – very simply, seasoned solely with chopped onions, baking soda, salt and pepper, olive oil and a bay leaf.

Bulbs have been eaten in many parts of Greece since ancient times and, health benefits aside, they are a great meze to enjoy, especially if you love earthy flavors.

The ones from Icaria Pure are wild and harvested by hand – a laborious task, as they are buried quite deep in the ground.

This particular producer from Aragon offers organic mountain saffron that is hand collected.

I use saffron in rices, teas, drinks, soups and desserts because it adds a sophisticated touch of color and flavor.

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To drink, just take the porrón with one hand and pour the wine directly into your mouth while holding the spout some distance away – it is very important not to touch the spout to your mouth so that the porrón can be shared with other guests.

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