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Entry at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure is available only at fixed time and the visit is accompanied by security personnel. Reservation on line is allowed to 10 persons maximum.

For groups of more than 10 persons: please send a specific email to [email protected] In order to know the price of tickets for a specific date, please select date, time of visit, and number and kind of tickets.

L'attuale ordinamento dell'OPD è stato approvato con DM del 7 ottobre 2008L'OPD pubblica una rivista annuale In evidenza:* 1-Verbale prima seduta, 2-avviso seconda seduta pubblica, 3-verbale seconda seduta pubblica, 4-comunicazione luogo ed orario terza seduta pubblica 5- verbale terza seduta pubblica per Gara per i lavori di riqualificazione dell'impianto di climatizzazione della sede della Fortezza da Basso posta in viale Strozzi, 1 Firenze.

(Pubblicato dal 06 dicembre 2017, ultima pubblicazione ad oggi: Determina n.

» The Temple Mount, of course, is the holiest place in Judaism.

Abbas’s belief that the presence of Jews « contaminates » the Mount speaks to his own smallness, and to his susceptibility to Muslim supremacist ideology.

Hamas Endorses a Massacre Understanding the true genocidal nature of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch Jeffrey Goldberg The Atlantic Nov 18 2014 One of the most shocking aspects of the murderous attack on a Jerusalem synagogue this morning by men with guns and axes is not the attack itself—we’ve seen, from time to time, this sort of sectarian barbarism take place in places like Jerusalem, and Hebron.

The most shocking aspect is the wholesale endorsement of this slaughter by Hamas, a group that, during this summer’s war in Gaza, half-succeeded in convincing the world that it wasn’t what it actually is: a group with actual genocidal intentions.

(Both assailants were killed by police, but not before they murdered four worshipers and injured at least six others, including two police officers.) “To see Jews wearing tefillin [phylacteries] and wrapped in the tallit [prayer shawls] lying in pools of blood, I wondered if I was imagining scenes from the Holocaust,” said Yehuda Meshi Zahav, who leads an emergency-response team, according to . » Hamas’s endorsement of the massacre of Jews at prayer in their holy city confirms—as if we needed confirming—that its goal is the eradication of Israel and its Jews.

This little Museum is dedicated to the traditional art of the Florentine mosaic in semi-precious stones.

it displays examples of Pietre Dure works, including cabinets, table tops and plates, showing an immense repertoire of decoration.

Et où, nous avertit le Financial times après les reconnaissances effectives ou annoncées – électorat musulman oblige – de nombre de pays européens, « la patience de l’UE pour l’Etat hébreu est à bout » …

Pendant que, suite à un nouveau massacre de civils dans une synagogue, le Hamas salue comme « acte héroïque » et « appelle à poursuivre » les assassinats à l’arme blanche ou à la voiture bélier lancées, comme on le sait, par l’Etat islamique …

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In seguito alla grande catastrofe dell'alluvione del Novembre 1966 e alla legge istitutiva del Ministero per i Beni Culturali ed Ambientali del 1975, vennero fusi in unica entità l'antico , tra l'altro il vero protagonista dei restauri dell'alluvione.

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