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The only “big beautiful wall” being constructed these days is the barrier between reality and the mindset of Trump supporters.

Perhaps as we move forward into the second year of the Trump presidency, the lasting and ongoing legacy of Ronald Reagan will continue to further permeate the political landscape – infusing the conversation with greater civility, informing the issues with increased inspiration and optimism and looking for ways to unite with hope and confidence.

Juan Williams currently serves as a co-host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) The Five (weekdays 5-6PM/ET) and also appears as a political analyst on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Special Report with Bret Baier.

Williams joined the network as a contributor in 1997. While he is remembered and revered for much that he did and said and inspired during his life, he also is celebrated for the ripple effect of his life which continues to expand, even long after his death.

This is my generation, and we grew up thinking all presidents were presidential. He cultivated an America that was patriotic and prosperous domestically and was bold in shining the torch of freedom all over the world into dark corners where oppression still existed. ) Contrary to the current societal symphony of negativity, I believe that now is the perfect time for everything to turn and change for the better – and change for good.

Ronald Reagan was our first personal connection to the White House. It’s time now for the generation of Reagan – the Reagan Babies – those who were raised on the hope and optimism of better days and remember America at its best both domestically and on the world stage – to boldly step forward and lead and make our voices heard.

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They offered him numbers showing that during President Obama’s second term, net migration from Mexico fell below zero. Trump can fudge the timeline and brag to his supporters that all this happened due to his hard rhetoric — and without a real wall. Those numbers track with another poll from CBS News also taken last month that found 61 percent oppose the wall and 35 percent support it.

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