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I am tired of hearing Metallica and others whine, I am a musician, and a DJ.

I want to put my music out there, and I want to spin, not to undermine the creativity of others, but to add my twist to this art form.

By 2005 RIAA had lost most of it's lawsuits and began to fade away, due to music swapping becoming a global way of life.

We are the renegades of funk =0PAn Old Babylonian hymn dating from the twentieth century BC began the first form of music of man.

I am all for paying for music, but not getting ripped off for it!!!!!

We need to become a bigger voice over the internet and how we use it.

Hopefully, the author of this news article will check his sources and do some more research into the legality of such products as Stream Ripper before publishing another "I've done nothing wrong yet they're out to get me! This is why you generally don't see these articles published in major distributed, the author must pay a royalty. While Fraunhoffer does in fact hold patents for many MP3-based technologies, it is definately a debatable point on wether they have the ability to charge royalties for any technology that uses MP3 technology in any way.

The LAME developers (which Stream Ripper uses I believe) claim that they have removed *all* code that infringes on Fraunhofer/Thomson patents.

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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

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