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Season 7, Episode 1March 8, 2015In the season premiere, Theresa and Larry mark their 25th anniversary at the restaurant where they had their first date nearly three decades ago.

Also: Theresa does her first surprise reading on Long Island.

Using modern technology and independent researchers, The Curse of Oak Island follows brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, originally from Kingsford, Michigan, through their efforts to find the speculated treasure or historical artifacts believed to be on Oak Island.

The series discusses the history of the island, recent discoveries, theories, and prior attempts to investigate the site.

Season 7, Episode 2March 15, 2015Theresa and Larry's 25th anniversary celebration continues with a return to the oil company where they met, and Theresa gives a reading to the woman who's doing the job she had 25 years ago.

Season 7, Episode 3March 15, 2015Theresa visits a genealogist to learn more about her family history after being inspired by old scrapbooks discovered by her dad. Season 7, Episode 5March 22, 2015Larry's trip to the barber gets Theresa thinking about her original plan to become a beautician, so she decides to enroll in beauty school to test her skills. Season 7, Episode 6March 29, 2015Theresa and Larry go to Texas, where a woman is reconnected with family members she lost in an accident.

Also: Theresa conveys messages to a woman at a roadside taco stand.

Season 7, Episode 10April 12, 2015Theresa and Larry go roller-skating when she realizes they've never done it together.

Areas of interest include the "Money Pit", Borehole 10-x, Smith's Cove, "Nolan's Cross", the "Hatch", the "Watchtower" and the "Swamp".

The Lagina brothers became fascinated with the island after reading the January 1965 issue of Reader's Digest magazine that features an article on the Restall family's work to investigate the so-called "Money Pit".

Yes, the TV season kicks back in full swing following the winter hiatus that often seeps into the first half of January – which means what, exactly?

How about a few high-profile premieres (including welcome regular gigs for small-screen favorites Glenn Howerton, Christina Hendricks and Parks and Rec alumna Retta)?

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A visitor shows them alleged evidence that the treasures from King Solomon's Temple could be buried on Oak Island.

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