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While he spends a lot of his time doing childish and mischievous things, his main characteristic is that he is curious.The world puzzles him, and while he tries to understand, he understands nothing.Difficulty: Beginner (source: doridro) Plot: Named for their personalities, the Smurfs are little, blue elf-like creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest.The little blue creatures wear Phrygian caps, which came to represent freedom during the modern era. This comic consists of simple tales of bold adventure, guaranteed to entertain readers.Difficultly: Beginner – Intermediate (source: dcinehd) Plot: The comic is about a village of Gauls as they resist Roman occupation in 50 B. Asterix, a small, mustached warrior, is the hero of the village, who is accompanied in his adventures by Obelix, his overweight and simpleminded best friend.They avoid Roman occupation by drinking a magic potion prepared by a druid, called Panoramix, that give them superhuman strength.

This comic mixes traditional mystery, Cold War espionage, and science fiction elements all in one, taking them from routine detective investigation to time travel. For readers who love sci-fi, action, and are looking to expand their reading comprehension, this is the comic for you.

Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate (source: /kalatis) Plot: Set in the Old American West, Lucky Luke is a lone Cowboy known to “shoot faster than his shadow.” Most of his encounters are with gangsters, but he also has run-ins with various historical fictional characters.

His companions are Jolly Jumper, the brightest horse in the world, and Rantanplan, the stupidest dog in the world. The fact that Lucky Luke has encounters with historical fictional character like Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, and many infamous gangsters is exciting!

Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate (source: comicvine) Plot: First appearing in Spirou et Fantasio, Marsupilami eventually got its own spin-off series.

The comic is set in the Palombia jungle and follows the lives of marsupilamis- which are yellow creatures with black spots and enormously long tails- in their natural habitat. Similar to Tintin and Spirou, its stories are filled with action and adventure.

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  1. TV czarina Ekta Kapoor, who made iconic shows such as Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, which revolved around strong women, says it was a conscious decision to highlight the contribution of women in our society.